DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes

          The DES PTC promotes family and staff involvement to enrich the education of our children.  We are not a fundraising group.  We collect funds through Box Tops, Campbell soup labels, milk caps, and diner cards.  We hold many activities throughout the year such as movie nights, barn dance, book fairs, and an auction.



Monday, June 5, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: 4


          The DES PTC promotes family and staff involvement to enrich the education of our children.  We are not a fundraising group.  We collect funds through Box Tops, Campbell soup labels, milk caps, and diner cards.  We hold many activities throughout the year such as movie nights, barn dance, book fairs, and an auction.

·    Other Business:

  • DES Auction
  • o   32 people took the survey (see results at the end of the notes)

    o   We will send a ?thank you? out via Infinite Campus and in the school newsletter thanking those for their input.

    o   The group liked the idea of having childcare at the event.

    o   We agreed to keep the date as the second Saturday in March.

    o   We agreed that we would start the auction at 8:00 a.m. instead of 10:00 a.m.

    o   We will put together a FAQ that we will send out with the ?Save the Date? flyer to answer questions about the online vs Live auction and why we have items start out online and then transfer to LIVE.

    o   Ideas for where the money raised for next year?s auction can be used toward:

    * Class Field Trips

    * Donation for the Dodgeville School District Auditorium

    * If we donated the money for the auditorium, maybe others in the district would be willing to donate items (ie. Items made in Shop/Tech class or Art class)

    • Scrip

    o   Lacy will remove K-Mart and replace with something else.

    o   We will have forms available for open house on August 31st and a form will be sent home with students on Friday, September 8th.  The due date will be 9/13.

    o   We will plan to send the form out every couple of months.

    o   A note will be added to the Infinite Campus message to extend the offer to friends and family.

    o   Lacy will ask that the Infinite Campus message be sent out District-wide.·         

    • Spirit Day

    o   Sounds like they had enough volunteers.

    o   One complaint was that some of the snacks were stale.·         

    • Playground Equipment

    o   The last two pieces of the Rhapsody Musical Outdoor Equipment has been installed.

    o   The invoice was for $9,725.

    o   Julie will request the $400 from the district to be paid to Gerber Leisure.  PTC will submit the remaining payment.         

    • Events for 2017-18 School Year

    o   Plan for 2 movie nights for the new school year.

    * Maybe do an outdoor movie on the playground

    o   Back to school cookout was suggested.

    o   Game Night

    o   Send out an Infinite Campus message in August to get ideas/suggestions from others.       

    • Childcare at Meetings

    o   Julie Olson will try and get a list of contacts at the high school.·         

    • New Officers for the 2017-18 school year elected

    o   President: Deb Stodola

    o   Vice President: Lacy Chapiewsky

    o   Secretary: Michelle Melssen

    o   Treasurer:  Julie Olson         

    • Treasurer's Report

    o   Balance of approximately $3,973·         

    • Next Meeting

    o   Monday, July 10, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. at Harris Park.  If it rains, we will meet at the school library.



    MAY 2017


    Q1:     Did you attend the 2017 LIVE DES Auction?

    Answered:  33   Skipped:  0

    Answer Choices                    Responses

    ·         Yes                                60.61%                           20

    ·         No                                 39.39%                           13


    Q2:     If you attended the DES Auction this year, please tell us why.  (please check all that apply)

    Answered:  20   Skipped:  13

                    Answer Choices                                                                                               Responses

    ·         I always attend the DES Auction.                                                               65.00%           13

    ·         I wanted to support DES.                                                                           75.00%           15

    ·         I wanted to support the purchase of the DES playground equipment.       55.00%           11

    ·         My friends were going.                                                                                0.00%             0

    ·         It sounded fun.                                                                                           10.00%            2

    ·         I wanted to bid on the LIVE items.                                                             45.00%            9

    ·         Other (please specify)                                                                               15.00%             3

    o   I always work at the Auction.

    o   I worked there as a volunteer.

    o   I helped work.


    Q3:     If you did not attend the DES Auction this year, please tell us why not.

                      Answered:  10   Skipped: 22

                    Answer Choices                                          Responses

    ·         I have never attended a DES Auction.      18.18%                  2

    ·         I had a conflict with the date.                     72.73%                  8

    ·         I did not have childcare.                              9.09%                    1

    ·         I did not know anybody else going.             0.00%                    0

    ·         I did not know anything about it.                 0.00%                    0


    * We always go to the Dells the last weekend in February, so I don?t like to spend a lot of money on stuff I don?t need right after an expensive weekend at the Dells.

    I don?t want to give up a Saturday ? we are so busy during the week.  I like being able to bid online.

    Q4:     The DES Auction has been held the last 3-4 years on the second Saturday in March from 10:00a-2:00p.  Does this time of year, day of the week, and time of day impact your decision to attend?  (please check all that apply)

                            Answered:  26   Skipped: 4

                    Answer Choices                                                                                            Responses

    ·         I like that it is on the second Saturday in March every year.                     44.83%          13

    ·         The time of year has no impact on my decision to attend the auction.     65.53%          19

    ·         I prefer to attend the auction earlier in the year (January/February).         3.45%             1

    ·         I would prefer a different day of the week.                                                 0.00%             0

    ·         I would prefer a different time of day to attend the auction.                       3.45%             1

    ·         Other (please specify)                                                                               13.79%           4

    o   Earlier because there are a lot of items with kids involved and only have about two months to do the activities isn?t long enough.  There are many things the principal is involved in and I don?t think it?s fair to overload her with so much at the nearing end of school for the year.

    o   Saturdays in March are usually basketball tournaments, making it difficult for our family to attend.

    o   If it started EARLY in the day (8?) I would be much more likely to go.

    o   I wonder if you would do it in November so people could use the items as Christmas presents.


    Q5:     What do you like about the ?online? Auction?  (please check all that apply)

                            Answered:  25   Skipped: 8

                    Answer Choices                                                           Responses

    ·         Ease of bidding.                                                  80.00%                  20

    ·         No one knows who they are bidding against.     40.00%                  10

    ·         The great silent auction items.                            24.00%                  6

    ·         The great LIVE auction items.                            12.00%                  3

    ·         I would prefer an online only Auction.                 20.00%                  5


    Q6:     In general, what did you like best about the overall DES Auction experience? (check all that apply)

                            Answered:  31   Skipped: 2

                    Answer Choices                                                                               Responses

    ·         The other people.                                                                        12.90%                  4

    ·         The money raised supports Dodgeville Elementary School.       90.32%                  28

    ·         The location.                                                                                35.48%                  11

    ·         The great silent auction items.                                                     25.81%                  8

    ·         The great LIVE auction items.                                                     35.48%                  11

    ·         The online bidding.                                                                      32.26%                  10

    ·         The food.                                                                                     16.13%                   5

     Q7:     Would you come to the Auction if it took place offsite (not at Dodgeville Elementary School)?

                            Answered:  25   Skipped: 8

                Answer Choices                                                       Responses

    ·         Yes                                                                      72.00%                  18

    ·         No                                                                      28.00%                  7


    * Why move it?

    * Good cause -Supporting where my child is growing up.

    * I like the location.

    * If it?s for the school it should be held in the school

    * I would come to it regardless of where it is held.

    * Not sure I would go either way

    * No preference

    * Completely depends on the time

    * I would at school or at site.

    * It is a fundraiser for the school.

    * It doesn?t matter of the venue, will still support.

    * I like the location.

    * Depends on where it is?

    * Location is not an issue

    * Still supporting the school

    * I want to support the school.  I like that it is at DES because it?s a school function.

    * I like the fact that it is at the school.


    Q8:     How did you find out about the Auction?  (check all that apply)

                            Answered:  32   Skipped: 0

    Answer Choices                                                                                             Responses

    ·         I saw it on the DES website                                                                 33.33%            11

    ·         I saw it on the DES PTC website.                                                         9.09%             3

    ·         I saw it on the DES PTC Facebook page.                                            18.18%            6

    ·         I saw it on my children?s teacher?s weekly newsletter.                       81.82%            27

    ·         I saw it on the DES monthly newsletter.                                               63.64%            21

    ·         I saw it on a flyer sent home in my child?s folder.                                69.70%            23

    ·         I saw it via Infinite Campus eMail.                                                        54.55%            18

    ·         I heard about it through a friend.                                                           6.06%             2

    ·         I saw the online Auction viewing/bidding website (   24.24%            8

    ·         I saw it in the Dodgeville Chronicle                                                       9.09%             3

    ·         I heard about it on the radio.                                                                 3.03%             1

    ·         Other (please specify)                                                                           0.00%             0


    Q9:     How could we improve the LIVE and/or Online DES Auction?

                            Answered:  7     Skipped: 26


    * Would be nice to have more people there.  Have activities offered in the small gym so kids can be supervised. Do more to promote class projects to be bid online.  Very sad to see a lot of work put in by a class and then sold for next to nothing.

    * I was very dissatisfied with the turnout. I would have thought more people would have been there supporting DES. I was hoping for higher bids and I was very pleased by the individuals that would bid higher than themselves or add to it at the end.

    * Forget about the online auction. What good is it to bid online when you just turn around and bid for them at the school. I?ve never seen anyone win a bid on the online auction. The item just goes higher at the school. Online is a waste of time! Some of the teachers were not honoring the things students won for their classroom. An extra recess was supposed to happen and then the teacher took it away because the class was loud.  There aren?t many days left in school and the weather in unpredictable. If the items are contingent upon the classes behavior then it should be noted for the auction item. Also, for the most part the individual class product are ok. But the new teachers need some education on what to do that is more exciting and would make parents want to buy. One teacher had a shirt that had the class grade on it with DES printed on it and the students just signed their name on it.  I doubt that is some kind of memorabilia that people would keep.

    * I'm always confused as to why somethings you can bid online, but then transfers to live. I wind up not bidding on those because if I can?t attend, then I lose out on the item.

    * I actually was thinking about this when I went this year as I was saddened at the low turnout compared to when I started coming three years ago. I don?t know how to improve?but we could be raising a lot more money if turnout was better.

    * Different variety of items

    * I think it is well organized and run.

    Q10:   Might you be willing to help with the next Auction or other DES-wide fundraiser?

                            Answered:  18   Skipped: 15

                    Answer Choices                                       Responses

    ·         Yes                                                      44.44%                  8

    ·         No                                                       55.56%                  10          


    * I am always there! No need to contact me!

    * Jodie Brager 608-370-4630

    * I try to help with fundraisers as often as I am able.

    [email protected] (Ron & Jen Scratch)

    * My wife is on the board so I have to help.

    * 608-574-4706 Shannon Hermanson - I would love to help

    * I currently do help and will continue to do so in the future.  I am a member of the DES/PTC.