DES Parent Teacher Circle


DES Parent Teacher Circle Meeting Minutes

          The DES PTC promotes family and staff involvement to enrich the education of our children.  We are not a fundraising group.  We collect funds through Box Tops, Campbell soup labels, milk caps, and diner cards.  We hold many activities throughout the year such as movie nights, barn dance, book fairs, and an auction.



Monday, December 5, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  7


          The DES PTC promotes family and staff involvement to enrich the education of our children.  We are not a fundraising group.  We collect funds through Box Tops, Campbell soup labels, milk caps, and diner cards.  We hold many activities throughout the year such as movie nights, barn dance, book fairs, and an auction.

Other Business:

·         Box Tops, Milk Moola, etc.

o   The number Muffy Swingen gave us for the Box Top submission in November was incorrect.  It was more like 10,809 or 18,094.  The check should be coming in December sometime.

o   Michelle will email Muffy to let her know that there are Milk Moola caps that are counted and ready to be picked up and sent in.

·         Scrip

o   The gift card orders were fulfilled right before Thanksgiving break.

o   We sold 237 gift cards.

o   Revenue of $412.70.

o   The plan is to send out an order form again in late January/early February and again around Spring Break (prior to April 10th)

o   Krista inquired if there were any places in town that would take gift cards to purchase supplies for people in need (i.e. Food Pantry).  No one was really sure.  Maybe that would be something to list on the order form.  People could purchase a gift card and donate it to a place like the Food Pantry.

o   Mrs. Piper suggested having a display with order forms available during the upcoming music programs.  Those start in February.

o   Mrs. Piper also suggested putting an article in the school’s newsletter about the program.

o   Lacy is going to check with Scrip on the online program.  If people order online, would Lacy need to go on and approve them?  Could the gift cards be shipped directly to the person’s house?  How does shipping work?

·         Teacher Wish Lists

o   Krista and Izzy will be doing the shopping this Saturday, December 10th.

o   They will be using the classroom wish lists from the November school newsletter.

o   We approved $100/classroom for a total of $800.

·         Other Support Requests

o   Mrs. Piper asked if the PTC would be willing to sponsor a celebratory event before the winter break.

§  One suggestion was taking all the kids to the Dodge Theatre for a movie and popcorn.  The cost would be approximately $600.

§  Another suggestion was to do Stations-to-Stations at the school where kids rotate around different stations (i.e. Book Bingo, activity in the gym, etc.).  PTC would then sponsor a snack.  Cost would significantly be more affordable

§  The PTC took a look at our account, and unfortunately, with the other events and things we have already committed to, we won’t be able to sponsor the movie.  Our group approved to sponsor a snack for an event at the school instead.

o   Julie Lewis talked about the Public Library and school partnership

§  All classrooms will be visiting the library and can sign up for a library card and check out books.

§  DES will have a book return that kids can drop their library books off at.

§  ELP-1st grade will be visiting the library on December 19th.

§  The older classrooms will be going at a later date.

§  Would the PTC be able to sponsor money for the kids to either stop by a local establishment (Quality Bakery) to get a cookie/treat and hot chocolate?

·         The PTC has hot chocolate in their storage room that could be used for this.

·         Julie Lewis will talk to Quality Bakery and see if they would be willing to give us a deal on cookies.

·         The PTC approved Julie Lewis to get a snack for each child after visiting the library.

o   Julie Lewis talked about Read it Forward

§  All the schools in the district are participating in this event.

§  Julie is reading to each classroom

§  Each child will get a book to pick out.

§  Students will get a ticket and will get an extra ticket to read to someone

§  Julie currently has enough of a book selection but after each child gets a book she will need more books.

§  PTC had set aside $1,000 for books.  We will use some of this money to purchase a snack for each child visiting the library and then we will use some of this money to purchase books later on.

§  A question was brought up about the Book Fairs and using the money from those to purchase new books.

·         It was decided during the last book fair to take the Scholastic Dollars instead because getting cash was significantly less than the Scholastic Dollars.

§  Mrs. Piper mentioned that there would also be a book swap either prior to Spring Break or at the end of the school year.

·         Garage Sales / Rummage Sales – As people are packing up books that didn’t sell at a garage sale/rummage sale; it would be great if we could somehow let people know that they could donate them to the school.  They could even call the school, and someone could stop by and pick the boxes up.

o   Julie Lewis talked about the Little Libraries

§  The school is helping to support the Little Libraries that are around town (3 locations).

§  A new location near the Medical Center is being added.

§  There is also discussion about one near Culvers being added.

§  Julie is stocking these locations with books.

§  Books are needed.

§  Again, books from a garage sale/rummage sale would be great for these as well.

§  Anyone can drop off books at these Little Libraries.

§  A couple of locations had asked about parenting books to be included in these libraries, so literature on parenting is now being included.

·         Book Fair

o   Julie Lewis thanked Julie Olson and Krista Mayne for their help during the Book Fair this fall and for the PTC’s support on getting the SignUpGenius set up.

o   Julie Lewis will again be coordinating the Book Fair in February.

o   February 6th will probably be Preview Day and the Book Fair will run on February 7th and 8th during Parent Teacher Conferences.

o   Several parents had signed up to help at the Fall Book Fair and then didn’t show up. 

o   Julie wants to put the times out to staff and the PTC first and then possibly put it out to others.  We need to make sure we have people that we can depend on to work the event.

·         Volunteering

o   How can we get more people to volunteer?

o   Could teachers recommend parents of student’s in their classroom? 

o   Do we send home a volunteer flyer again?

§  Julie Olson is going to put a flyer together to send home.

o   Maybe we offer a babysitting service at the next meeting to see if we get anyone to show up.

o   Maybe we get high school clubs to help out.  Provide them with a list of our events and a link to the SignUpGenius where they can sign up.

·         Additional 2016-17 Tentative Events

o   Chill Out and Read with the Big D

o   Auction – 3/11/17

o   Staff Appreciation – Week of 5/1/17

o   Spirit Day – Tentative 5/25/17

o   Math Nights – There is still one more of this event to take place in the Winter/Spring.  PTC usually sponsors pizza and beverages to UWP students.

·         Treasurer’s Report

o   Balance of approximately $4,332

·         Next Meetings

o   Monday, January 9, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the DES library.